Saturday, 18 January 2014

Kawai CN34 Review

I just bought my Kawai CN34 a few months ago, and now I think I will write a short review about the sound, the action, and the overall performance of the Kawai CN34.

Honestly, the first time i played my Kawai CN34 (just after finished assembled all the part of the piano), i found it sounds a little strange. Maybe because my older digital piano was a Yamaha, and you know there are visible differences between Kawai 'sound' and Yamaha 'sound', so maybe my ear still too familiar with the Yamaha sound.

But after playing more and more, I now realized that I really like Kawai sound. I compared it with my old yamaha piano and my friend new clavinova, and i still love the Kawai sound. I think that Kawai sound is a little soft, bold and Yamaha is a little bright. So, the Kawai sound, hmm.. exactly Kawai CN34 sound is very good. especially when use headphone :D

Now to the action, VERY NICE (from my point of view, of course). Let's not compared it with my old piano :D
I will compared it with the upright and grand i usually play on my piano course. I think the CN34 action is closer to the grand, it's heaviness is really similar although grand piano is a little bit heavier. And i love the ivory touch, so smooth.

Ok to the pedal, it's similar with the grand i used to use on my piano lesson. There are different weight between the 3 pedal.

The recording feature very nice.

Thanks for reading this short and simple review, god bless you :D

Watch my video play song on CN34 here